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Why "Current Owner" May Be the Best Choice for You!


Why "Current Owner" May Be the Best Choice for You!

Have you thought about changing your name on your Appraisal District to “Current Owner”?

Here are a few reasons to consider taking this easy step to remove your name from your county appraisal district.

1. Security

Whether you are a public figure, athlete, wealthy business owner, or like your privacy, this can be beneficial for you. People with harmful intentions can easily go to the appraisal district website and find this information. Thus, taking this small step to change the appraisal district records is one step to take to gain security, privacy, and peace of mind.

2. Financial Information

While the appraisal district is helpful in looking at your home’s value, this can be beneficial to keep private so other individuals such as creditors, curious parties, and attorneys are not as easily able to gain your financial information. 

3. It is your choice!

If you would like to consider changing your searchable record on the Harris County Appraisal District website, please head to the below link which makes it quick and easy to sign and submit digitally.

-Until Next Time, Sarah Livesay

Licensed Assistant to Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes