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Why a Final Walkthrough is Important when Purchasing a Home


Why a Final Walkthrough is Important when Purchasing a Home

Today, we are having a final walkthrough on a new construction home prior to closing. After searching for a home, having inspections, paperwork, and negotiations, the final walkthrough may seem like just one more item to check off your list. However, it is important in the home-buying process. In this blog post, we will explore why it is important to have a final walkthrough of a property before heading to the closing table when you are purchasing a home!

Below is a list of items to check for when you are walking through the property.

1.) Verify Nothing Has Changed — The walkthrough allows you to go back into the home to ensure nothing has changed since you initially toured the property.

2.) Ensure Any Repairs Were Made — During the negotiation process, you may have asked for repairs to be completed by the Seller. This is a time to ensure these repairs have been completed and are satisfactory. If you find any items that have not been addressed, you will want these addressed prior to closing.

3.) Verify Non Realty, Bill of Sale Items, and Appliances — You will want to make sure that any light fixtures, appliances, or other negotiated items are still in the home. Turn on lights, faucets, and appliances to ensure that these are functioning as intended.

4.) Verify that the Home is Vacant — In most cases, the property should be vacant during the final walkthrough except in the case of a leaseback, allowing you to assess its condition without furniture or distractions. Ensure the Seller has moved out and no personal belongings or debris are left behind.

5.) Peace of Mind — A final walkthrough provides peace of mind. It is your last chance to make sure everything is as it should be before signing the closing documents.

Next stop, CLOSING!

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Sarah Livesay

Licensed Assistant to Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes